Get Jessica Alba’s super fast post-workout makeup look

jessica-alba-fresh Squeezing in a workout can be hard enough—never mind having enough time afterwards to do your makeup before jetting to the office or that restaurant you’ve been dying to try.

So a good, quick, fresh-faced beauty look you can get done in the time it takes to pack up you gym bag? Priceless.

Our latest inspiration comes from Honest Beauty, the new beauty from multi-talented actor and Honest Company founder Jessica Alba. The new 83-piece collection includes natural skin-care products and lightweight, low-chemical makeup—no red flags like parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, or sulfates—that come in super-blendable colors you can apply with your fingers if you’re in a time crunch (products come either a la carte or subscribers receive bundles of three products for $50 a month).

To get Alba’s natural-yet-polished post workout look (she’s a huge fan of Los Angeles yoga studio hot 8), we scored this easy-to-follow video tutorial, which we’ve streamlined even further to six products (including moisturizer) for the most time-pressed moments of your day. Alba calls it her fresh look, but you’ll call it your go-to. —Larkin Clark

How To: Perfect Post-Workout Makeup

1. Start with a clean slate
You might be a bit red after your workout, so even out your complexion with a light, clean base. Apply moisturizer all over your face and follow with a quick dusting of powder to set it.
Try: Even Brighter Everyday Moisturizer, $34, and Luminizing Powder, $25

2. Add depth to your eyes
Starting at the base of your eyelid, blend a neutral shadow up to your brow bone using small, circular brush motions. Then, contour your crease line with a medium-darker shadow. If there’s time grab a cotton swab and, with a dark shadow, apply it along your lash line like it’s an eyeliner (#beautyhack).
Try: Eyeshadow Trio in Truly Warm Sable Brown, $25

3. Define your gaze
Apply a quick coat of mascara to your upper lashes. To more evenly distribute color, Alba recommends placing the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and closing your eye so the wand moves all the way through to the lash tips.
Try: Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer, $22

4. Enhance your glow
If you leave only one beauty product in your gym bag, make it a multi-purpose powerhouse—like Honest Beauty’s Magic Balm.
Smile and dab the moisturizing balm along the top of your cheekbones to create a dewy effect. If you’re really in a pinch, skip the other steps (except maybe the mascara) and just use this on your eyelids, brow bone, and lips.
Try: Magic Balm, $18

5. Brighten your lips
Pucker up and add a coat of gloss for extra moisture—unless you’ve got time for the steam room, gyms are often drier than your realize.
Try: Lip Gloss in Creative Kiss, $18

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