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Photo: Instagram/@baggu

Fact: You don’t have to pack your workout garb in a gym bag. Sure, you could go the traditional route when it comes to your exercise accoutrement—and if you do, make sure to pack it like a pro—but there are times when just you don’t want additional baggage. You probably already schlep around more than enough!

Active #bossbabes, the answer to your busy-day prayers comes in the form of a roomy purse that can complement your street clothes without looking like a bulky duffel.

The following options have the space to hold your fitness necessities without screaming, “I just had a sweat sesh!!!” And, the bags look so good with your work leggings that you’ll be be sporting them on rest days, too.

Trade your gym bag for the roomy yet stylish purses below.

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You know what goes with these purses? A metallic windbreaker and a pair of not-so-basic leggings.