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Photo: Instagram/@badgalriri

Millennial pink may be trending, but if Rihanna has anything to say about it, wearing gold from brow to lip will be your favorite fall makeup look. The singer‘s long-awaited Fenty Beauty launch was the drop felt around the world, instantly hyped for its range (40 foundation shades!) and cool factor.

For her debut as the new mother of all makeup, RiRi showed up to the launch party as a golden goddess, sporting a billowing yellow skirt and a matching long-sleeved shirt, knotted at the side.

But her makeup was the real star. She wore Fenty products, of course, serving a shimmery golden face that gave new meaning to the term “blinding highlight.”

And there’s more than one way to get the trendy glisten: These are the natural beauty products that’ll have you shining bright like…Rihanna.

Here’s how to get Rihanna’s gold monochrome look with 8 natural products.

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For a head-to-toe Rihanna-inspired look, check out Puma x Fenty’s high-end activewear and pair it with one of the singer’s cult-status sneakers