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Photo: Instagram/@rodarte

First came the festival-ready flower crown. Then the high-vibe crystal crown. And now, fresh off the Rodarte runway at Paris Fashion Week: the romantic and whimsical (and totally DIY-able) baby’s breath flower crown.

“People say romantic is boring. But every girl in the world wants to look like this.”

Sure, the clothes are intended to be the focus of any given Fashion Week. But Kate and Laura Mulleavy’s spring 2018 Rodarte collection just may have been overshadowed by the 50 models sporting massive flower crowns and makeshift floral boas at last week’s show. The good news: You don’t have to be a couture queen to make—or wear!—this headline-making accessory.


Photo: Instagram/@kateandlauramulleavy

According to Vogue, hairstylist Odile Gilbert and her team constructed the crowns by snipping and pinning piles of fresh baby’s breath into barrettes, wired wreaths, and satin ribbons. “People say romantic is boring,” Gilbert tells Vogue. “But every girl in the world wants to look like this. We need romance more now than ever.” Super-chic, easy enough, and really, really pretty? BRB, off to the flower shop.

While you’re feeling the DIY vibes, channel that good energy into a productive and energetic home makeover. And as for whether the baby’s breath will hold up during a festival-themed workout? TBD.