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Locker Room Look Book is Well+Good’s new video series where we share (and you’ll score) post-workout beauty and style tips from white-hot wellness stars.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to spiff up post-workout in a communal locker room, Rumble Boxing’s Ashley Guarrasi and Noah Neiman have the answer: hilarious.

The Instagram-happy fitness pros (Neiman is a co-owner of the boutique boxing spot, while Guarrasi is a founding trainer) are just as skilled at sparring punches as they are at sparring banter—which serves them well during Rumble’s high-energy classes, a combo of boxing jabs and circuit training over a backdrop of blasting bass-filled beats.

So what happens when the two come together to break down their post-sweat routines? Spoiler alert: Subtle competition, some actually solid advice (“dry shampoo is a fit girl’s best friend”), and serious antics, of course.

Oh, and for the record, Rumble’s Flatiron studio (which counts Rocky himself—ahem, Sylvester Stallone—as an investor) does have two separate, succulent-filled locker rooms. Just consider this co-ed grooming sesh an opportunity for some kicks…or punches.

In the mood for some laughs? Watch the video above—and then scroll down to shop the dynamic duo’s post-sweat essentials.

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