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sjp sneaker
Photo: SJP Collection

If Carrie Bradshaw were to ever swap her beloved Manolos for sneakers, it’s now clear what style the sex columnist would favor—at least, according to her real-life counterpart Sarah Jessica Parker.

The actress, via her SJP Collection label, just released her very first “sneaker” (at least, that’s what she’s calling it).

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Dubbed “Meteor“($255), the glittery, T-strapped flat with velcro straps and a rubber sole is more an homage to a sneaker than, well, an actual one. But it’s a distinction easily overlooked if it means being able to wear what essentially amounts to disco balls on your feet. As Parker writes in the photo caption of her twirling down the streets of Manhattan in the shoe, her non-heeled creation “is seriously out of this world…SO sparkly she’ll blow your mind.”(You can take the girl out of the stilettos, but….)

And lest you question Parker’s trend-setting bona fides, remember this: It’s not the first ballet-inspired pseudo-sneaker of the season—Rihanna also recently introduced an iteration for her Fenty x Puma collaboration. Pair it with Bradshaw’s famous, opening-credits tutu and you’ve got your summer look.

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