Sephora to unveil Nail Studios where DIY manicures are a must

Sephora is about to unveil Nail Studios, with a parade of polishes for purchase and DIY manicures. Our first look at this Union Square Nirvana for nail lovers.

Sephora Nail Studio


The beauty giant Sephora is about to unveil nationwide Nail Studios. Two New York City stores (Meatpacking District on Ninth Ave. at 13th Street, and Union Square, on Park Avenue at 17th Street) are already flaunting theirs.

At this oval-shaped wedding cake of nail color, New Yorkers can peruse over a dozen or so nail polish lines—plus decals, stencils, and tools. Think Nirvana for the nail obsessed.

DIY Nails at Sephora
A Sephora customer giving herself a post-workout, pre-dinner polish

And, in a Sephora stroke of genius, it’s also a giant DIY station where experimenting with the season’s latest looks is encouraged and giving yourself a full-on mani is super-sanctioned behavior.

Nail polish, in case you haven’t read WWD or even Time Magazine, has been the “It” recession-proof beauty trend for the last three years, and shows now signs of slowing down.

What took Sephora so long? “I can’t speak for them,” says a nail industry insider. “But I can only imagine that are now capitalizing on the huge surge within the nail lacquer category which has grown exponentially over the last few years.”


We scanned the Nail Studio shelves for our favorite lines and here’s what we found. Among the tween faves and designer lacquer brands stocked, we happily spied a section devoted to SpaRitual, a natural (and vegan) brand, which has made its mark in spas, but looks to be featured in 290 Sephora stores nationwide as the Nail Studios roll out.

sparitual nail polish at sephora
SpaRitual polishes at the Union Square Nail Studio include three shades created exclusively for Sephora

The Union Square Nail Studio is already locked and loaded with nearly 13 SpaRitual shades, including three founder Shel Pink designed for Sephora (pictured):

Green sparkly teal – “Off the Grid”
Bright shimmery blue – “Meditate on This”
Rose gold shade (last one on the right) – “Sun Salutation”

And with the DIY option to test and play with polishes, we think New York women will be high-fiving over the news. —Melisse Gelula

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