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9 sheet masks for getting your glow on while watching the Super Bowl

Face masks to use while watching the Super Bowl Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@jvskincare

Although the Super Bowl is technically about two football teams facing off to win a championship, in function, the event is just a great excuse to gather your entire squad, make use of the sous vide kitchen tool you bought on Black Friday, and bring some variation to your (environmentally friendly!) habit of staying in to hygge it up.

I’m not really invested in either team winning, but I am very devoted to maximizing any and all downtime to take my skin to clearer, more glowy heights. Whether I’m hosting or attending a viewing party, I vow to be the bipartisan (between Eagles and Patriots fans, at least) supplier of sheet masks to firm up, hydrate, and rejuvenate every face in my presence—just think of me as the friendly drug dealer of skin-boosting exfoliation formulas.

After all, when you share the gift of self-care, there’s nothing selfish about it .

Get your glow on this weekend with these skin-enhancing masks.

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If you’re in charge of snacks for your Super Bowl gathering, try this healthy (and vegan!) take on seven-layer dip, or whip up an avocado hummus bowl.