Luxe silk scrunchies are the newest way to give your hair a spa-like treatment

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At lastSilk pillowcases and scrunchies have formed the perfect union in the shape of (yep!) silk hair scrunchies. Slip’s new sassy-yet-chic hair accessory rides on the coattails of the ’90s revival trend that’s currently sweeping the activewear world. (To catch you up, banana claw clips, tear-away track pants, and retro-fab sweatshirts have also all made the cut.)

But styling your hair with this item, which runs $39 for a three-pack, won’t just infuse your functional ballerina bun with an extra dose of trendiness—since silk isn’t abrasive as a fabric, it’s believed to protect your hair from breakage. And the hair product’s description notes that it adheres to the same standards as the brand’s luxe (and cult-favorited) Slipsilk pillowcases. Meaning, no need to worry about toxic dyes.

Just stash a few of these in your gym bag, and bam, you’ll literally elevate your post-sweat beauty look.

Now that the ’90s are (clearly) back and better than ever, take this quiz to see which Clueless character matches your athleisure style. And, FYI, the house from 10 Things I Hate About You just hit the market

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