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4 wellness and skin-care podcasts to listen to Pin It
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Taking a break from your screen is important for your eyesight, your skin, and your mental health. But how exactly do you get through your morning commute without distracting yourself via inspiring photos on Instagram? Well, you could welcome the excuse for a moment of quiet reflection, you could catch up on some reading, or, best yet, you could listen to podcasts, which are basically a combination of books on tape, someone reading you the news, and insight into intimate chats between BFFs (like Oprah and Gayle).

Now that you’re sold on podcasts, here’s the best news: There’s a whole corner of the audio world dedicated to beauty and wellness. Check out the stellar picks below, which might just make binge-listening a thing.

Ready to listen to people who are just as obsessed with serums and skin care and (and sex) as you are? Check these out.

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1. Forever35

Do people actually last through juice cleanses? Will Marie Kondo–ing your home actually change your life? If you’ve found yourself on the somewhat skeptical side of wellness fads, you might especially enjoy this podcast: Writers Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer (who’s also part of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy crew) walk you through their experimentations with all things woo-woo, health, and fitness.


2. Let It Out with Katie Dalebout

Self-help author Katie Dalebout’s podcast isn’t explicitly about skin care; instead her virtual talk show deals with basically all things pertaining to wellness and self-care. Guest stars and experts who have graced the podcast include Well+Good Council members Latham Thomas and Gabrielle Bernstein and skin-care maven Tata Harper.


3. Breaking Beauty

What does the woman behind a cult-favorite (clean!) skin-care brand stock in her vanity? This podcast focuses on interviews with industry boss babes who delve into subjects like how they first made their entrepreneurial dreams come true and how they would spend their money on products today.


4. Lady Lovin’

Lo Bosworth, Jilly Hendrix, and Greta Titelman use this podcast to take on the type of questions you typically just secretly Google. The women deliver realness on topics like periods, sex, and fighting the patriarchy.

You can also check out these podcasts that the Well+Good team is obsessed with right now and a new one from Saje Natural Wellness.