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Locker Room Look Book is Well+Good’s new video series where we share (and you’ll score) post-workout beauty and style tips from white-hot wellness stars.

Getting ready for a night of rosé with your friends is a guaranteed recipe for a good time—but have you ever thought about applying it to your post-sweat routine?

Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones—co-founders of New York City’s two downtown-chic Sky Ting Yoga studios—have perfected the formula, expertly swapping face mist and lip tint after a hot-yoga and infrared-sauna double-header (and if you’re curious what the sauna experience is like, they have plenty of real-talk to share on that topic, too).

Plus they share nuggets of natural-beauty gold, like why you really might want to swap coconut oil for almond oil.

Watch the video for their clean beauty tutorial, and scroll down to shop the yogis’ post-sweat beauty faves.

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