Soften scaly skin: A NYC seaweed specialist draws you a bath

Take the plunge: DIY thalassotherapy is just as relaxing and beneficial as the spa version

In the wrong hands, thalassotherapy spas can suck your money down the drain, since the treatments feel a lot like a bath that you could take at home for free. Thankfully seawater- and seaweed-based services are one of those beneficial spa treatments that you can easily do at home. And that one of the foremost experts on seaweed is based not in Brittany or Bora Bora, but here in NYC.

Dan Fryda is the Jacques Cousteau of the beauty world. The founder of Spa Technologies, an artisanal line of seaweed-based skin and body-care line products, he’s a huge proponent of at-home remineralizing baths. “You can get vitamins and minerals in your diet, or through your skin, and we’re all a bit depleted come the end of winter,” says Fryda, who imports his seaweed from Brittany. “Not only does it have more nutrients than any other food source on earth. It restores and replenishes minerals and trace elements missing from our body.”

Marine corps: Spa Technologies products put a bit of Brittany in your bathtub

Seaweed’s mineral and trace elements, such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, have a tiny molecular size. “They’re like grains of sand,” says Fryda, “that can diffuse into the skin, whose cells may as well be skyscrapers or mountains by comparison.” Get him talking and he’ll tell you about a study conducted on rats given a 20-minute dip in a seaweed bath (“the best study ever” said the rats), which revealed calcium in the rodents’ bloodstream.

And lest you think your raw-food diet is covering all the bases, Fryda makes an excellent point about topsoil depletion. “We’d have to eat two or three carrots today to get the nutritional value of one carrot grown in the 1930s,” he says. So you might as well soak in it.

The best way to bring the ocean home for a day? Give yourself a dry brushing, then to your tub, add a scoop of Spa Technologies powdered foaming Sea Calc Bath, with white algae, marine proteins, plus essential oils like clary sage and rosemary. And follow with an application of the Hydrating Laminaria Oil that hydrates and firms. (This part, we admit, is where we really miss a massage therapist.) “The essential oils have aromatherapy detox benefits,” says Fryda. “Plus no one wants to smell like the ocean.”

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