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Why you need a hair oil Pin It
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All throughout summer and fall, women hit cruise control on good hair days, rocking air-dried lengths that do their own thing while looking impossibly gleamy. Then (dun-dun-dun) winter strikes, and the balmy temps plummet, leaving strands parched, frizzy, and in need of a remedy to help them gloss over the cooler temps. Enter, S.oil, a hybrid oil-serum that conditions hair, hydrates it, and works to improve its overall health.

The amber-hued elixir uses cold-pressed oils, a key factor in maintaining the high-quality of the product. Some oils are heat-extracted which kills off critical vitamins and nutrients, but cold-pressing allows the nutrients to stay intact. That’s why S.oil’s founders Niq Ellis and Jordan Blackmore liken their inaugural product to a “liquid hair vitamin,” that works to protect hair from chemical, mechanical, and environmental damage. “Anyone can use our product whether they have fine, normal, or coarse hair,” Ellis explains. “Everyone’s hair needs the vitamins found in our oil for optimum hair health.”

While hair oils are widely popular, there are still many consumers who avoid them for fear of weighing down their hair or greasing it up. But S.oil is is lightweight and fast absorbing, and here’s the catch: You apply it from roots to tips five to twenty minutes before hopping in the shower to shampooThis allows strands to reap the boost from the jojoba, safflower seed, palm kernel oil-based formula, while also acting as a shield to help prevent shampoo from drying out strands.

Obviously, given the choice to launch a single product in three essential oil-spiked scents, the story behind each of the scents is a huge part of the equation for the brand. “We named each product after a tree, and when developing each unique scent we took that tree into consideration to decide which essential oils made the most sense,” Ellis explains. “We wanted the customer to choose their favorite fragrance as opposed to choosing the product based on their hair type.” 

Keep scrolling to find out about the three serum-oils in the line.

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“The Aspen tree is found in cold climates so we wanted Aspen to smell and feel warm,”  Ellis says. Sandalwood and clove come together for a cozy, woodsy scent that makes you feel like you’re in in a ski chalet reading by the fireplace. It’s also packed with essential oils of lavender, cinnamon, and ylang ylang.


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“The Oak tree is a strong tree that is quite common and found in many locations,” Ellis explains, “so we wanted this fragrance to appeal to consumers on a broad scale.” The result is a blend of lavender, vanilla, and bergamot, with a touch of tea tree oil which also helps purify the scalp—it also happens to be the bestseller.


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“Willow is our ‘citrus’ fragrance, and it’s light and airy like the Willow tree,” Ellis says. This scent combines clove and grapefruit for a fresh, clean scent.

Surprisingly, you should also be applying a body oil before you hop in the shower, but if you decide to stop washing your hair all together, here’s what to expect.