4 reasons you should wait in line at the SoulCycle sample sale

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You can’t blame New Yorkers for acting jaded when it comes to sample sales—the city plays host to so many, it’s easy to walk by, say, Alexander Wang dresses at a fraction of the cost and not even slow down.

Yet if there’s one sample sale that reliably draws a crowd (like, a wrapped-around-the-block crowd), it’s SoulCycle’s annual extravaganza.

And good news: It’s back. From Tuesday, April 19 through Saturday, April 23, you’ll be able to stock up on your favorite sweat-ready skull tees and cozy hoodies for way less.

The bad news: We expect the same block-long lines and crazy clothing pile-ups, from years past. So, is the 2016 edition worth the blood, sweat, and inevitable tears (when someone else grabs the last pair of size medium leggings)?

We did the research and got the scoop from the brand’s reps. The verdict? Let’s just say, you may want to call in sick come Tuesday.

SoulCycle Sample Sale, 150 Greene St., New York, NY, 10012, 4/19-4/23, www.soul-cycle.com

Get ready to update your SoulStyle—here are your can’t-miss reasons for attending this year’s massive sale.

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1. Nothing is over $70 (yes, seriously)

Markdowns start at 40 percent off, which means that even the top shelf items—like hoodies that usually go for upwards of $120—come in under $70. Looking to spend way less? Bras, shirts, and tanks are priced $28–$34, while most capris, sweats, and shorts will range from $36–$58. Now if only we could convince them to sell class bundles at these sales….

2. The inventory changes every day

Our source at SoulCycle told us that nearly 40 percent of the inventory was gone after the first day last year—so this year, they’re prepping for the demand (and the fashionably late shoppers) by putting out new items every day. We’re not saying that you have to go check it out every day, but we wouldn’t blame you if you did.

3. The mantra tee is (still) having a moment

One scroll through your Instagram feed and it’s clear that SoulCycle’s luster hasn’t worn off, judging by the growing list of healthy celebs like Lea Michele, Julianne Hough, and Vanessa Hudgens posting selfies from the studio while wearing a mantra tee or skull hoodie. In other words, this is a trend that’s not going anywhere, so consider it a wise investment.

4. It’s SoulCycle’s 10th anniversary, so time to celebrate

April 26 marks the power brand’s 10th birthday, and they have big plans to celebrate. Which means that you better start prepping your party outfit now. Also, in light of the recent announcement the SoulCycle’s two founders were stepping down, don’t be surprised if there are big changes just around the corner. Better scoop up some old school memorabilia while you can.

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