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Photo: Spiritual Gangster

Even if you haven’t heard of the brand Spiritual Gangster,  you’ve definitely seen it.

Worn by everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Lea Michele, the brand’s tanks, crop tops, and hoodies are celeb favorites for everything from yoga and boot camp to Netflix and chill—the brand practically invented the “Namaste All Day” slogan tee.

And they’re about to take their healthy-hipster vibe to a much wider audience:  The brand has announced that its first activewear line will launch in January.

While Spiritual Gangster’s comfy tanks and sporty hoodies are the perfect blend of stylish and athleisure—and therefore were worn for pretty much every activity, sweaty or otherwise—this new line of tanks, sports bras, jackets, hoodies, and leggings are made with workouts in mind. (Think high-performance sports bras and sweat-wicking leggings.)

As the brand, whose tagline since day one has been “yoga-inspired clothing for high-vibration living,” is growing and gaining traction—especially among wellness-savvy celebs—the expansion is a no-brainer. “Active seems like a natural extension of the brand, being that we were born in the yoga studio,” Vanessa Lee, founder and creative director, explains to WWD.

Although the exact number pieces and price range have yet to be announced prior to their new year launch, the brand currently ranges from $42 for a tank to $178 for a varsity jacket, so it’s not geared to break the bank.

Until then, we’ll just have to “Trust the Universe” and assume the brand’s good karma will extend into the activewear line.

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