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Megan Hopp for HomePolish (Photo: Sean Litchfield)

You don’t need a soak tub or meditation room to get an at-home mood boost—in fact, this design trend works even in the smallest, studio-sized apartment.

I’m talking about the statement wall.

Think one single wall covered in calming colors or energizing prints—basically, anything that makes it stand out (and, ideally, makes you smile). “To me, a statement wall is life-sized art,” say Megan Hopp, the designer and proud mastermind behind Homepolish’s most-liked Instagram pic ever (one that features a wall covered in a bold green-and-white motif). “It can’t be an afterthought—it should be the core design element of the room. It will steal the show!”

“Think of your room like an outfit—you usually pick one statement piece to pop out from the rest.”


First off, she says, shop around for wallpaper—Flat Vernacular is a celeb-approved option, and even Anthropologie carries some statement-making options—until you find the right design. Not the commitment type (or are a renter and don’t want to piss off your landlord)? There are now a bevy of cool, removable wallpaper options cropping up that peel off without leaving a mess. (Check out sites like Etsy or Graham & Brown.)

Then, you need to be strategic about where you place it. The key, Hopp explains, is keeping the rest of the space neutral, with either solid colors, light patterns, or subtle textures. “Use the other furniture and design in your room to complement—not compete with—the wall,” she adds.

And if you’re still a little shy about making such a big statement, the interior designer wants you to know that most spaces are severely under-dressed. “Think of your room like an outfit—you usually pick one statement piece to pop out from the rest,” she says. “Allow it to stand out on its own.” You might say it’s the design equivalent of pom-pom sneakers.

Scroll down to see some major Instagram inspo for creating your own mood-boosting statement wall.

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