Stressed-out New Yorkers inspired Hope Gillerman’s remedies

Hope GillermanHope Gillerman’s organic aromatherapy line was born out of her Union Square bodywork practice. As an Alexander Technique practitioner, she encountered people with sleep problems, travel issues, breathing issues, emotional issues, jaw tension, headaches, depleted immune systems, and fatigue. “These are all manifestations of the body in stress, and they affect our posture and muscle tone, as well as our health,” says Gillerman, who found that her custom aromatherapy cures were the perfect accompaniment for AT’s postural work.

ChillOut Kit, H.Gillerman Organics
H.Gillerman Organics Chill Out Kit

Last year Gillerman began bottling eight targeted aromatherapy remedies to address the eight most common imbalances, such as Pure Breathing Sinus Remedy and the timely Clear Mind Jaw Clenching Remedy.

The essential oils she favors don’t necessary cull from the European apothecary, which is heavy on lavender, rosemary, and citrus oils. Instead, she uses basil, silver fir, cardamom, palmarosa, pettigrain, and mandarin orange, and formulations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What’s the difference? Gillerman is accessing a knowledge base that has evolved of 3,000 years. (In contrast to modern aromatherapy, which is less than a century old.) “TCM explains how the oils work on physiological, emotional, and spiritual levels, and how they defend us from environmental stressors.” Suffice it say, these aren’t your faux fragrance candles or room sprays.

The Essential Oils DeckAnd although many New Yorkers buy oils one at a time from the health food store (which are often diluted, says Gillerman), most people don’t know that oils work better in combination, she says. Gillerman’s latest product: The Essential Oils Deck, that explains the nature of oils and simple blends for health and beauty.

“I created the line and the deck to help people heal themselves,” says the formulator-practitioner.

H. Gillerman Organics, $48; trial kits, $28, full-size kits from $95,

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