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A debate's brewing, and we want to know where you stand.


Welcome to our every-so-often series of questions to discover how you, our readers, live a super interesting, healthy life. We invite you to dish on your habits, preferences, and know-how in the Comments, and we may even use our favorite ones in an up-coming article!

Last week, the Well+Good office was buzzing about a recent article discussing logo’d studio activewear. (We totally called the trend back in 2012, NBD.) In a world where some people wear their (workout) heart on their sleeves—literally, with hoodies, tanks, sports bras, and more featuring their favorite sweaty spot’s insignia—we want to know: Where do you stand on studio-branded workout clothes? Do you wear them? And if you do, where are your favorites from?

Tell us in the Comments, below!

(Photo: Soul Cycle)