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Between squeezing in that early morning workout and rushing to the office, you don’t have a ton of time to be fussing over your outfit—and neither does Taryn Toomey.

The New York City fitness phenom and founder of The Class has mastered the art of the post-workout quick-change—and she knows exactly what she needs in her gym bag for the transformation.

The essentials: Accessories. “The key thing for me, is while I am working out a lot and I am doing a lot of movement, I always want to look like I’m a bit styled and I didn’t just come from the gym,” Toomey says.

“I always want to look like I’m a bit styled and I didn’t just come from the gym.”

Watch her Locker Room Look Book video above to see exactly how she pulls everything together (and to find out what hidden gems are always stashed in her gym bag).

Scroll down to shop Taryn Toomey’s post-workout outfit essentials.

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Now that you’re dressed, watch how Taryn Toomey styles her hair post-sweat sesh, and take a peak inside her makeup bag.

Photo:Jaimie Baird