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Photo: Stocksy/ Andreas Gradin

Life is all about balance—think fueling your $100-a-month gym membership with $25-a-jar coconut yogurt.

And that includes your wardrobe. Spent the summer saving up for those ultra-chic Fendi sneakers? You can still find a pair of cute leggings to wear with them—without having to dip into your I’m-finally-going-to-Bali savings account.

That’s because we’re in the midst of the end-of-season sale period, when everything you’ve been eyeing since Memorial Day gets a generous price slash.

Workout pants from Alo, Koral, or a slew of other buzzy activewear brands, all under $50? Praise hands.

Here are 12 ridiculously cute—and affordable—leggings on sale for $50 and under right now.

In more of a YOLO mood? Here’s the activewear that’s worth the splurge. And because you can never have too many pairs, these are the most-flattering black leggings (period).