Now you can get new workout clothes without even shopping

If you’re constantly running after women in the Flatiron District to find out where they got their amazing leggings, there may be a better way...
Your Sweatstyle collection might include these pants from Alala. (Photo: Sweatstyle)

If you’re constantly running after women in the Flatiron District to ask where they got their amazing leggings, there’s a new (less creepy) way to find the best fitness clothes.

Sweatstyle debuted today as the first subscription service that will deliver curated packages of on-trend, premium activewear to your door—it’s like Stitch Fix for your gym bag.

Founder Helena Cawley, also co-founder of Manhattan women-only workout spot Uplift Studios, says the idea came to her over the last few years, as she noticed the increased variety and improved quality of the fitness apparel women were wearing to classes—and how often they were wearing it during non-sweaty hours, too.

“It’s become this casual uniform for women,” she says.

That demand has unleashed a flood of cool, new designers offering everything from sports bras to capris, but many women don’t know where to buy them, she says. “There aren’t many resources for finding new companies, unless you dig around on certain websites or ask people on the street.”

Activewear delivery
Sweatstyle founder Helena Cawley (Photo: Sweatstyle)

Sweatstyle will solve that problem by introducing women across the country to hot indie brands and forward-thinking styles, all matched to their personal workout and style preferences.

Here’s how it works: You fill out a detailed questionnaire, divulging everything from the colors and cuts you prefer to how often you work out, as well as your favorite types of exercise and what you already own.

Sweatstyle then uses that info to curate a collection of five pieces from luxe, of-the-moment brands like Alala, Vimmia PrismSport, Koral, and Charli Cohen. You’re charged a (non-refundable) $20 down payment, and the whole assortment is shipped to to your door, Net-a-Porter style.

When you get the box, you have five days to try everything on at home, after which you can send back whatever you don’t like in the provided pre-paid packaging. You’re then charged for the items you keep, minus the $20 you originally spent. You can get new collections every three months, and just like that, you’ve got a whole new fitness wardrobe.

Cawley says the model has tons of benefits, from skipping fun-house dressing room mirrors to trying items you might not be compelled to grab off a rack in a store (but that end up looking amazing). “It allows people to think outside of what they might normally pick out,” she says.

Which is probably a good thing if you’ve been rocking those black Wunder Unders for the last ten years. —Lisa Elaine Held

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