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Ballet-inspired dance pieces to wear at the gym
English National Ballet dancer Nancy Osbaldeston, wearing the Dance Statement collection Adagio Leggings and Arabesque Tee, was one of the dancers to trial the Sweaty Betty pieces in pre-production. (Photo: Sweaty Betty)


Sweaty Betty dance leotard
The Sweaty Betty Eleve seamless dance leotard. ($75)

Thousands of women owe their workout of choice to ballet dancers warming up at the barre. Now they’ll owe their workout ensembles to them, as well.

London-based fitness fashion brand Sweaty Betty just launched a dance-inspired collaboration with the English National Ballet (ENB) as part of their Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

“Three dancers from ENB trialed each piece before production,” says Sweaty Betty creative director and founder Tamara Hill Norton. “We altered accordingly and made a range that the professional ballet dancers deemed perfect.”

A tee printed with a photo from the ENB archives of a ballerina at the stage door.
A no-dance-background-required tee printed with an ENB archive photo of a ballerina at the stage door. ($65)

The collection is meant to cover the range of a dancer’s wardrobe: with pieces like chic stirrup leggings ($95), thigh-high legwarmers ($45), a ballet wrap knit cardigan ($140), and performance items in a cotton, nylon, yarn blend.

“For the first time we have a seamless compression leotard ($75) which is great for supporting and lifting the dancer’s body,” Hill Norton explains. “The yard combination is both sweat-wicking and soft. The seamless construction is particularly helpful for dancers as it minimizes seams that could chaff in movement or through lifts.” It does the same for your gym workout, too.

The Dance Statement collection has already had its opening night online and in stores and will pirouette through late summer. —Jamie McKillop

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