Tammy Fender’s skin-care line contains an ingredient so secret it’s not even on the label

The natural beauty formulator bottles whole organic plants, pure herbal infusions, essential oils—and really good energy you could almost call magic.

Lots of beauty products tout a secret ingredient. (Whether the Nightingale droppings of the ’90s or the apple stem cells of the moment.) And in that respect facialist Tammy Fender’s range is no different.

What’s the magic in her holistic skin-care line? Divine consciousness.

The West Palm Beach practitioner’s line is finally making its New York City debut at ABC Home’s Apothecary. Fender’s might be the first range of botanical cleansers, toners, treatment serums, peels, and body oils aimed squarely at improving your soul. The jury’s still out on whether cynical New Yorkers will embrace her ray of bioenergetic sunshine.

Call it the power of positive intention (or a bottled version of The Secret), Fender infuses her products with her sweet, personable spirit (I mean, look at the photo of this woman—you’d never know she tended Donald Trump’s skin) and adds “life force” of plants. No hair of newt needed.

For Fender, an ingredient purist and polymath of botany, aromatherapy, and chemistry, the concept of “pure living energy” comes from working with whole organic plants, pure herbal infusions, and therapeutic grade essential oils instead of chemicals.

It’s these “active, highly vibrational ingredients” that she says can be “immediately absorbed and permeate on a cellular level to enhance the way the skin functions, resulting in vibrant healthy skin.” It’s a philosophy the facialist shares in part with biodynamic skin-care brands, like Dr. Hauschka and Jurlique.

But while these brands focus on the farming practices, the emphasis for Fender’s small-batch line is the healing intention of the formulator. (Her mantra: don’t think about war or the economy when mixing ingredients.)

Tammy Fender skin-care products
The numerical codes on the labels correspond to recipes in holistic medicine.


Just how does she bottle positive energy? “I take into account the well-being of a person as a whole, and create beauty-product formulas that don’t just have cosmetic benefits but can affect the emotional and spiritual levels, too,” says Fender, who looks for high-quality ingredients with historically healing uses. “Rose centers one’s emotional being and reveals love and beauty, for example, Roman chamomile inspires calmness and inner peace, and rosemary stimulates clarity and flashes of intuition.”

Plenty of products promise results based on what their formulas can do for your skin. But Fender is going one better, suggesting that a beauty product isn’t really working unless it’s affecting something more than that.

Since the FDA doesn’t require divine consciousness to be listed as an ingredient on a product label, how do you know it’s in your Tammy Fender Bulgarian Rosewater Toner, Neroli & Orange Antioxidant Creme, or Quintessential Serum?

You’ll just have to feel it. May the plant-life force be with you.



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