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Photo: JoyLab

Target has been playing so fast with its collabs and new brand launches lately that it’s almost tough to keep up (but hey, any excuse for a Target run is a good one).

One launch you’ll definitely want to mark your calendar for is the chain’s upcoming activewear line JoyLab, which Target first announced in July.  Mark Tritton, Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, describes the line as having a “little edgier, street-fashion vibe.” You’ll see color-blocking, moto jackets, and graphic prints done with athleisure material. They’re pieces that hold their form while making you the envy of your yoga class and brunch dates.

The collection, which launches October 1, is wallet-friendly and inclusive, with prices that max out at $45, and sizes that go from XS to 4X.

Take a sneak peek at the JoyLab collection in the lookbook below.

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Activewear is the opposite of boring these days. You can shine like a gem in metallic pieces, or take inspiration from Beyoncé with big logos.