Tata Harper’s secrets for getting that just-right dewy look

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Photo: Rachel Lapidos for Well+Good

We’ve been lusting after that perfectly dewy look for a while now, and as New York Fashion Week kicks off, we’re noticing that it’s not going anywhere. (So you can keep your go-to highlighters proudly displayed in your #shelfies).

tata harper
Tata Harper working her magic. Photo: Rachel Lapidos for Well+Good

This morning, we went backstage before Brock Collection’s show at Milk Studios and witnessed models—who were all zen despite the chaos thanks to Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment rollerballs—getting their skin prepped by Tata Harper herself with the natural beauty guru’s products.

The look? Dewy yet matte skin. Sounds like a contradiction, but it’s just that subtle, healthy glow without too much shine.

“We want that plumpness in the skin,” Harper said as she massaged a model’s face with her moisturizer. “The look we’re going for is beautifully undone. See how it’s moisturized but it’s matte. It’s super fresh and that’s exactly what we’re looking for.”

And, since Brock’s latest collection was inspired by the colors of the desert, the model’s looks mirrored that through sun-kissed colors and matte makeup—with the perfect subtle shimmer adding a bit of radiance.

How to achieve the look? Below are Harper’s tricks for getting the just right dewy-yet-matte face, which is sure to be hot this fall.

Get Started

First, make sure your skin is fresh and clean

Harper uses her Refreshing Cleanser to balance the skin out and start with a clean foundation.

Mists are key for keeping your skin hydrated

Harper spritzes her Hydrating Floral Essence—one of her most popular products—to prep models’ faces with nourishing botanicals.

Don’t forget the serum

For that extra oomph of hydration, Harper’s secret skin care hack is to mix a serum with your moisturizer. Um, mind blown.

“For a dewy face, I mix the Rejuvenating Serum and the Rebuilding Moisturizer to give you that plumpness,” she tells us. “This moisturizer is mattifying, and it’s all about that interior plumpness so that the makeup doesn’t settle into the pores.”

As NYFW gets into full swing, forget the smokey eye—it’s all about that glow.

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