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Teddy bear coats for a hygge-filled winter Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@reformation

Each year when the winter season hits, I spend the first couple of weeks taking stock of my winter wardrobe. Jackets are my strong suit; I have two faux furs, a more practical parka, a vintage green coat, and a recently purchased puffer. IMO, your actual outfit barely matters in the winter since your jacket, your leggings, and your boots are the only thing people can see anyway. Which is why I have no shame in adding a new trendy piece to my menagerie of outerwear: the teddy bear coat.

This season, Muppet-like, faux-fur, and shearling-style teddy bear coats are planning an imminent takeover of your closet and your office coatrack (seriously, the super-soft numbers can take up some real estate). The jacket style gets its name from the cuddly stuffed animals of your youth, and just like your fave teddy, these chilly-temp gems are instantly comforting, like a big, furry hug.

And since wearing one allows you to chicly leave the house draped in what can feel like a duvet, I’m fully onboard. There are so many options available given how hot the trend is, but I’ve curated 9 winning picks.

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