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Photo: Stocksy/Jenn Grantham

Every year like clockwork, Halloween comes and goes, and I think I have more time than I do to start prepping for the coming holiday season. Then I realize that, holy crap, it’s mid-November, and I am not ready for anything. This year though, the name of the game is preparedness—for the sake of hygge (AKA the snuggly, cozy Danish-born approach to life that is credited with major stress-reducing, mood-boosting powers).

So basically, it’s perfect for Thanksgiving (especially when your family is testing your ability to remain Zen)—and if you start planning now, you can get a hygge-friendly outfit together in time for the big feast.

What to wear? These 13 garments are perfect for getting festive and (of course) comfy for the holidays.

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For the coziest holiday season ever, pair your outfit with some slippers shoes or a soft bralette.