The chic new makeup line made for healthy women

(Photos: Beautycounter)
(Photos: Beautycounter)

Attention healthy beauties: you may need to start carving out some space in your makeup drawer.

Los Angeles-based Beautycounter just introduced its first cosmetics line, developed by a celebrity makeup artist, and it comes with non-toxic ingredients, pretty palettes, and chic packaging made for your favorite handbag.

Beautycounter launched as a small skin-care line at the start of 2013, with an ethos built around health, safety, and performance and a business model that utilized Avon-style friend-to-friend (and online) sales. Since then, it’s expanded its repertoire, introducing sunscreen, hair care, and an anti-aging line.

To develop a high-performance cosmetics line, the company tapped well-known celebrity and fashion makeup artist Christy Coleman (now the head of creative design) and paired her expertise with its own comprehensive ingredient screen.

“It’s been three years in the making,” says Venice, California-based Coleman, explaining that during development, products were often sent back after failing heavy metal testing, returning her and the team to the drawing board.

The result of her pickiness and patience is a healthy, pretty line focused primarily on neutral shades that accent facial features instead of hiding them. “I don’t want the makeup to wear you, I want to bring out your natural beauty,” Coleman says.

Complexion essentials (Photo: Beautycounter)

That starts with the Tint Skin Complexion Coverage ($38) and Touchup Skin Concealer Pen ($28), which came out in August and provide light coverage and a slightly dewy look. “It’s buildable, so if you want to do more coverage, you can do that,” she says.

The color cosmetics all debuted on October 15, and they include four eye shadow duos, three blush duos, two matte bronzers, eye and brow pencils, and a whole set of brushes.

Eye shadows and blush duos come with the two colors pressed together on a diagonal, creating an appealing aesthetic and an easy-to-blend situation. And like the foundation, even the darkest shades brush on with a somewhat sheer effect at first, allowing you to keep your look super-natural or build for more color.

Color Shade Eye Duos (Photo: Beautycounter)

All of the products come in gorgeous, good-for-you packaging, with paper compacts that are both eco-friendly and won’t leach chemicals from plastic. Scattered on my vanity, it looked like a slew of products I might have picked up at a Bloomingdale’s counter, but questionable chemicals were nowhere to be found. —Lisa Elaine Held

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