The city’s pickiest natural beauty purveyor selects her favorite spring products

Spirit Demerson natural beauty store
This Brooklyn beauty purveyor is the city's strictest about natural products and ingredients

Don’t be mislead by her sweet disposition and smile: Spirit Demerson is the strictest natural-beauty product purveyor in New York City.

Her online naturals-only beauty shop, Spirit Beauty Lounge, is stocked with products that meet Demerson’s tough six-point criteria of clean ingredients, performance, and gorgeous packaging, none of which she believes should be sacrificed.

Because we know Demerson investigates the farms and formulas behind beauty products before she’ll sell them, we asked her for some of her favorite all-natural spring product picks.

Here’s what she told us:

hydrea london dry brushFor spring, I’m all about sloughing off winter skin with daily dry brushing. I’ve finally found high-quality body brushes ($12) that are ethically sourced from Hydrea London.


HONORE DES PRES I LOVE LES CAROTTESI love to wear light, sweet fragrance in spring, and  I love les carrotes by Honore des Pres ($98) is uniquely appropriate. It was literally inspired by the smell of fresh carrot juice you get walking into the juice bars of New York City. But once you put it on, it takes on a fun, soft, fresh and sweet, but never cloying, enigmatic personality.


vive sana solar to polar sunscreenIt’s too late to think about sunscreen in summer. I’m already using my Vive Sana Solar to Polar Ultra ($29) to prevent discoloration and sun damage when I sit near the window or am going to be outside. It doesn’t make skin breakout, and it doubles as a face primer and moisturizer.


Vapour Beauty blushI always think watercolors and pastels for spring makeup. Vapour’s brand new palette includes surprisingly wearable pastel green and lilac eyeshadows and Courtesan ($28), possibly the prettiest, sheer rose blush color ever.


yarok-feed-your-roots mousseSince spring can be so rainy here in New York, I need a hair-frizz–proofing strategy. But I don’t like to use silicones or anything too heavy. My new technique is to run Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse ($22) through my hair while it’s still wet and then Yarok Feed Your Shine once it’s dry. That seems to lock it down.

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