The daily skin-care rituals this yogi favors for her most radiant self

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Yogis treat their bodies in enviable ways: with steady breathwork, nimble stretching, and regular vinyasa flow, all of which help keep them centered and strong. So it’s only logical that they also have healthy rituals for their skin, too—it is our largest organ, after all.

Acro-yoga star Koya Webb, who’s also a holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor, has a simple yet effective skin-care regimen that keeps her glowing—and it involves plenty of natural oils (a complement to her plant-based diet).

How does she kick off her beauty routine in the a.m.? Dry brushing and oil massage. “I recently added dry brushing my face to my morning routine. When I wake up in the morning, first I brush, then I do a facial oil massage to awaken and nourish my skin. I leave the oil on my skin while I start the day off with a cup of tea. Next I cleanse my face with warm water and then cold water to close the pores,” she tells us. “Then I put on Aveda’s Tulasāra™ Bright Concentrate to help even my skin tone—which solves my biggest skin care concerns of having soft, even skin.”

Webb knows the importance of hydration, so throughout the day she’ll keep a spritz on hand. “I like to spray myself with a hydrating mist,” she says. “I love rose sprays—they’re so refreshing.”

Evenings are when Webb goes through her de-stressing rituals of stretching, journaling, and cleansing—complete with the appropriate mood lighting. “I’ll always light candles,” she says. “I’ll light one at night before I do my hip openers and take care of my skin.”

Another way the yoga expert locks in moisture? “I’ll take a warm shower before bed, and then cover my body in oil,” says Webb. “Oils are super hydrating and keep your skin nourished as it’s sleeping and your body is healing itself.”

Webb doesn’t skimp on the complexion-saving steps, either. “I love using Aveda’s Tulasāra™ Calm Concentrate because it’s the perfect antidote after a long day.” Since the formula harnesses the power of 100,000 raspberry stem cells (with an antioxidant assist from pomegranate extract), she’s sure to get some amazing beauty sleep.

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Photo: Instagram/@KoyaWebb

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