The designer behind the SoulCycle bike does fitness fashion

Feats of Strength Eric Villency, the designer behind New York City wellness world cultural objects, like the yellow SoulCycle bike and Organic Avenue’s orange-topped juice bottle, is a pro at making healthy brands’ visions a reality. Now, he’s doing the same for his own.

His company, Villency Design Group, recently launched its first fitness fashion line, Feats of Strength, and select pieces from the women’s collection debuted just last week. (The full line will be available by the end of January 2015.)

“Usually, we don’t get to do exactly what we want to do,” Villency says, explaining how his designs normally get tweaked by client desires. This time, he’s in charge, and he’s designed a line that’s crafted specifically for the healthy, trend-setting New Yorkers he’s gotten to know so well.

“The customers we have in mind are people doing a different class every day,” he says. So pieces—like leggings, crop tops, jackets, and sports bras—are made to be versatile, not sport specific. And they’re made with a chic design sensibility, quality fabrics, and lots of attention to tiny details like the placement of zippers, venting, and more.

As for the name of the line, it’s meant to evoke the sense of “authentic accomplishment” endorphin junkies are searching for with their packed workout schedules, he says. And don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to master the CrossFit snatch. “A feat of strength is relative,” Villency reasons. (Just think about that last laundry bag you lugged up the stairs.)

Here’s your sneak peek at the New York-cool fitness fashion line, some of which you can shop now, and some of which will hit the racks after the holidays. —Lisa Elaine Held

(Photos: Feats of Strength)


Get Started
Feats of Strength 1 Double-Time Tank, $50 | Warrior-2 Legging (not yet available)

(Photo: Feats of Strength)


feats of strength new 2 Domino Sports Bra, $38 | Bomber Belle Shorts (not yet available) | Pack Leader Top, $38

(Photos: Feats of Strength)


Feats of Strength 5 Free Climber Shell Pink, $128 | Free Climber Shell Grey, $128

(Photos: Feats of Strength)


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