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Photo: Instagram/@tyrabanks

There’s now a badass cadre of A-listers—like ZendayaKim Kardashian, Taryn Toomey, and Alicia Keys—who are embracing the makeup-free look. It’s empowering to see women flaunting their complexions sans concealer, foundation, and mascara.

The latest to join the makeup-free movement? Supermodel Tyra Banks.

You’ve gotten to know her through the years on the runways as well as on TV shows like America’s Next Top Model and America’s Got Talent, where she’s modeled some truly stunning makeup looks. Posing with her bestie in Chatham in Cape Cod, she takes a more subtle, yet equally dazzling, approach.

“It’s that BFF fun-time filter,” writes Banks in her caption. “Well actually, there’s #nofilter. It’s just some good, ole fashioned, natural, cray-cray fun with the homie.”

tyra banks makeup free
Photo: Instagram/@tyrabanks

Banks is onto something. You know that post-workout glow? It’s definitely similar to the effect you get when you’re happily hanging with your BFFs. Now that’s the epitome of radiance #goals.

If you want to achieve the look with a little bit of help, here’s how to get the no-makeup makeup look. Or you could follow the French woman way to get radiant skin.