The new yoga fashion brand that’s surging with electricity

Prepare yourself for a jolt. Electric Yoga, a brand-new LA-based yoga collection, wants to light up your practice with an '80s love for neon and lightning bolts.

electric yoga

Spring fitness fashion is blinking a big neon sign, from Nike’s affinity for fluorescent to C9 by Champion’s geometric patterns.

And the newest fitness fashion brand to hit the market is adding another jolt of wattage to the trend.

Just-launched Electric Yoga mixes neons and lightning bolts with functional fabric and design, and it’s been picked up by Equinox, Barry’s Bootcamp, Yogaworks, and more.

electric yoga
The Seamless Bolt Crop ($78)

“It’s new and fresh and brings a lot of energy,” says founder-designer Michele Bohbot, if she does say so herself. “I created it with three Fs in mind—fun, feminine, and fantastic.”

We’d add “Fluorescent,” as in pinks, yellows, and oranges. And “Funky” patterns, like a cool lightning-bolt motif that shows up everywhere, pants to tanks and totes.

Bohbot is an LA yogi who originally hails from Paris. She’s been designing women’s clothing for Bisou Bisou (sold exclusively at JCPenney) for 20 years, but her passion for yoga (she’s been a teacher since 1999) inspired her to make the move into athletic apparel.

Bohbot spent a year-plus perfecting Eloy, Electric Yoga’s super-soft, wicking fabric. It doesn’t have the suck-in power of Luon, but Eloy’s seamless construction allows you to move more freely, and alternating textures creates a flattering effect. A few high notes:

Tanks are extra-long and pants are high-waisted to prevent belly-baring.

electric yoga
The Ultra-Light Vest ($128)

We love the ultra-light jackets and vests that roll up into a tiny package and matching lightweight bags and accessories.

A first-collection faux pas: The shelf bras aren’t supportive and too thin in general—but Bohbot said that’s her number one priority for next season.

And the jury’s still out on the yoga cap—an innovation that promises to hold long hair back without a ponytail dent, but also makes you (or at least me) look like Michael Phelps.

Electric yoga is another entrant into the $68-yoga-tank world, but we can see why a New York woman (channeling Cyndi Lauper) would reach deep into her pockets for these threads. —Lisa Elaine Held

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