The runway became a fitness studio at Athleta’s Crush of Adrenaline show

Athleta Walking the runway is not an easy job. But the models at Athleta’s Crush of Adrenaline Fashion Week event didn’t just have to show up to work…they had to work out, with balls, trampolines, flashing lights, and thumping bass.

Which suited them just fine, as they were all dancers and athletes. And their fitness prowess, when set under rad lights and to killer music, at the event on Wednesday, September 3 at SIR Stage 37, made you want to go get your sweat on, too.

The (why-walk-when-you-can-run?) show was choreographed by Beyonce-Alicia Keys fave Luam Keflezgy. It was all about showcasing active women—and the clothes they wear while on the move.

Keflezgy said her inspiration came from “understanding and telling the Athleta woman’s story—who “she” is—and her strength and power throughout her day. No matter what she comes up against. She’s gonna keep running.”

Running…and doing ballet and Parkour and yoga and all kinds of other things, all of which were showcased with corresponding apparel, from printed leggings and neon sports bras to flowing ballet-inspired tops and translucent windbreakers galore. The looks were assembled by celebrity stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi (E! News and TODAY show fashion correspondent) in ways you’ll want to riff on at your next workout.

We were in the front row to capture the action first-hand. Here are some must-see shots from Crush of Adrenaline. —Lisa Elaine Held

(Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)


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Athleta 1 Runners dashed in from all corners of the space, and made their way to the stage, while yogis posed on the second level of the background installation, and dancers showed off their plyo moves on trampolines.

(Photo:Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)


Athleta 2 Exercise balls made a starring appearance as a stunning visual, and a reference to Pilates and barre classes.

(Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)


Athleta 3 Contemporary dancers showed off eye-popping neons and bold, urban pieces from the collection. The editorial looks for the show were assembled by celebrity stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi.

(Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)


Houle-Athleta-22 Models with muscles?! The dancers and athletes brought a new, healthy image to the runway with their fit physiques.

(Photo: Athleta)


Athleta Putting the talent of the dancers center-stage was one of Keflezgy’s top priorities—from contemporary dance to breakdancing. “The Parkour women—they’re like superheroes, you wouldn’t believe what they can do,” she said. “We have this set, but they do that in real life.”

 (Photo: Melisse Gelula for Well+Good)


athleta_fashion_show_flyer The lead performer—who’s actually track and field star—got airborne towards the end of the show, as she swung from a ceiling harness over the stage.

(Photo: Melisse Gelula for Well+Good)


IMG_4597 At the show’s end, each model did observe the Fashion Week convention and walk the runway. Then they all converged on the stage for a choreographed finale.

Based on the creative caliber of the show and its amazing reception by the editors in attendance, next season we wouldn’t be surprised to see more brands across the fashion spectrum showcasing their active or fitness-inspired collections in ways that are decidedly more athletic.

(Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)


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(Photo: Athleta)


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