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Graphic: Hannah Packer

As “new year, new me” goals go, trying out a fresh beauty look has to be one of the most fun. (It’s definitely more enjoyable than making morning workouts happen or quitting coffee, anyway.)

If you’re looking to change up your ‘do but still want enough length for a ponytail (back off, scissors), consider switching shades to this year’s hottest color: tiger eye. Yes, the gorgeous gemstone known to boost courage and self-confidence has inspired a hair hue.

“The tiger eye look is going to be big,” promises Neil Cleminson, Australian hair stylist and founder of the Bhave hair product line. (Considering that major influencers like Selena Gomez have already adopted it, his prediction is looking pretty spot-on.)

“The look is fantastic, as it’s an understated pop that doesn’t require harsh color contrasts—and it’s really low maintenance.”

So what, exactly, does it look like? “It’s a coloring technique that adds a rich depth to your hair,” Cleminson explains. Like its namesake stone, the style’s typically comprised of bronzy-caramel ombre highlights and chocolate-brown undertones.

“Tiger eye hair is an update to the popular balayage technique that everybody knows and loves,” says Cleminson. “The look is fantastic, as it’s an understated pop that doesn’t require harsh color contrasts—and it’s really low maintenance.” Consider it the cat’s meow.

Ready for some #hairspo? Keep reading for 10 seriously stunning examples of the tiger eye hair color trend.

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selena gomez tiger eye
Photo: Instagram/@selenagomez


tiger eye
Photo: Instagram/@hdresseronfire


tiger eye hair
Photo: Instagram/@apliquesdefibrajaponesa


tiger eye
Photo: Instagram/@mastersofbalayage


tiger eye
Photo: Instagram/@facelookhairdesigner


tiger eye
Photo: Instagram/@rfcreativesalon


Photo: Instagram/@realce.trends
Photo: Instagram/@realce.trends


tiger eye hair
Photo: Instagram/@bonsayhairlounge


tiger eye hair
Photo: Instagram/@ulehairdresser


tiger eye
Photo: Instagram/@ulissessj


tiger eye hair
Photo: Instagram/@pameladoeshair

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