Two easy steps to glowy, luminous skin from two wellness goddesses

brightening_skincare_clair_de_lune Two of LA’s glowiest women teamed up to bottle the luminosity they’re known for.

Los Angeles natural skin-care guru and Odacité founder Valerie Grandury and Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon (whose green juices, antioxidant tonics, and apothecary dusts help give her ridiculously radiant skin) just debuted Clair de Lune ($88), a two-product set for nourished skin that emits a healthy glow.

“Our mutual obsession with sourcing the most potent, organic elements and our philosomoonjuiceodacitecollage phy of nourishing from the inside out brought us together,” says Bacon of their beauty collaboration.

Clair de Lune, or “Light of the Moon,” pairs a skin-calming Aloe & Rose Revitalizing Mist (“you can’t have that nourished glow without a mist—it’s essential,” exclaims Grandury) and a vitamin-rich Radiance Serum (think plenty of A, B, C, and E) with green tea, peach and wild carrot oils for that just-did-a-barre-class radiance. (Note: I’ve also been able to skip my cream blush and luminizer more than usual.)

Grandury’s calling Clair de Lune “a fiercely skin-loving pair” that exemplifies both brands’ shared “desire for luminosity while maintaining the integrity of nature.” Its two-step simplicity is also a boon for those whose skin-care regimens have gotten out of control with too many glow-seeking products. (Hello, medicine cabinet overload?)

Says the always poetic Bacon of their pure, less-is-more approach, “by feeding our skin with cold pressed oils and bioactive nutrients, we can radiate together.” We can think of a lot of people who’ll want in on that. —Melisse Gelula

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(Photos: Top: Moon Juice and Odacite; Inset left: Valerie Grandury; Inset Right: Amanda Chantal Bacon)

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