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Photo: Topshop

Up and down the fall fashion week runways, there was one clear fabric trend: velvet.

From wide-leg trousers at Valentino to ankle boots at Saint Laurent, the fuzzy material dominated every category of clothing. And contrary to its bougie roots, velvet is no longer reserved for dressing up—it’s even making a mark on athleisure. (Yes, you can now find sneakers, track pants, and hoodies crafted from the same cloth as your childhood holiday dress).

But wait, isn’t velvet heavy, itchy, and hot? Not so, says Sukishufu founder Caroline White, who upped the ante this fall by creating a line of sweat-wicking, breathable velvet pieces.

“Velvet has come a long way since its heady days as a thick fabric mostly used for curtains or dowdy ball gowns,” she explains. “Today, it can be lightweight, stretchy, and breathable, all while maintaining its desirable, soft-brushed finish.”

With colder weather and more cozy nights in on the calendar, there’s never been a better time to fully embrace the velvet trend. Underground, no more.

Scroll down for eight velvet athleisure pieces that’ll keep you comfy and cool through the holidays—and beyond.

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Photo: Sukishufu

Sukishufu Nae Nae Grey Velvet T Shirt, $113


Photo: Puma

Fenty Puma x Rihanna Velvet Creeper Sneakers, $150


Photo: Net-a-Porter

Elizabeth and James Collier Satin-Trimmed Velvet Track Pants, $295


Photo: Superga
Photo: Superga

Superga Velvet Sneakers, $118


Photo: Nordstrom

Topshop Batwing Velvet Sweater, $48


Photo: Spring

Urban Outfitters Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set, $12


Photo: Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman Marlow Sneaker, $70


Photo: Urban Outfitters

Silence + Noise Geo Quilted Velvet Hooded Jacket, $129

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