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Photo: Instagram/@victoriabeckham

If anyone can give pajamas a posh makeover, it’s Victoria Beckham.

Last year, the former Spice Girl jumped on the sneaker bandwagon when she proclaimed that she literally can’t even anymore with the sky-high stilettos that used to rule her wardrobe. After giving heels a no-go, she embraced the gym-shoe trend completely, wearing ivory-colored kicks to NYFW and fancy dinners alike. But now the fashion it-girl has taken her comfort level to new hygge heights by rocking chic sleepwear way before her bedtime and nowhere near her bed.

Beckham was recently seen sporting a blue and pink plaid PJ look from her unreleased 2018 collection.

Beckham was recently seen sporting a blue and pink plaid PJ look from her unreleased 2018 collection, The New York Post reports . And she’s totally on to something with this look: Since sleep is currently all the rage, there’s no harm in looking ready for it at all times, right?

And Posh Spice is hardly the only star who’s all about anything and everything sleep: Gabrielle Union recently shared her one-word mantra for catching some zzz’s, Arianna Huffington wrote an entire book about her methods to mastering the proper amount of shut-eye, and Salma Hayek doesn’t need to count sheep—she just keeps her secret drink on hand.

So thanks, Victoria, for making (sweet) dreams come true: A world in which you can pick up morning coffee in your PJs (without fielding endless side-eye stares) and then head straight into work is a good place to be.

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