When Fashion Week models are gymnasts and breakdancers

(Photo: VPL)
VPL Fall 2015: When Fashion Week models are gymnasts and breakdancers
Gymnasts, acrobats, and breakdancers debuted the Fall 2015 collection of fitness fashion brand VPL. (Photo: VPL)

Last year, for New York Fashion Week, the Spring Ready to Wear presentation of fashion activewear line VPL resembled a Cirque du Soleil show, with an aerial performance by dancers in its Soho boutique. And this season, the performance took a whole new multi-media route.

The forward-thinking brand unveiled its Fall-Winter 2015 presentation in Harlem’s Studio Rondinone, the live-work space of Swiss mixed-media artist Ugo Rondinone (and a converted abandoned church) for a fashion collaboration that blended arts and body arts.

Additionally, the Fashion Week performance, held on Friday evening, was done completely via live stream and displayed to stylish women across the country in one continuous shot—with no in-person audience. (That’s one way to avoid front row jealously.)

The show was dubbed “Motility” and it lived up to it, with all-female rhythmic gymnasts, acrobatic hand-balancers, and breakdancers moving in choreographed bursts of dance set to dramatic classical violins and new-age sounds.

This was fashion contortion at it’s finest, with all of the VPL performers outfitted in subdued tones of eggplant and moss, with defined stripes that highlighted their dynamic motion, set against Rodinone’s vibrantly painted brick walls in the background.

It’s not the first time that VPL has collaborated with an artist, and its apparel is displayed prominently in Dane Shitagi’s The Ballerina Project.

The question remains, however: would you dare to sweat in an outfit that’s also piece of art, or keep it stashed in your closet like some women do with those stilettos that are just too nice to wear? (We vote for the first option.) —Jamie McKillop

For more information and to watch the performance, visit www.vplmotility.com

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