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Photo: Bandier

With its star-emblazoned leggings and crop tops, the first Bandier x Ultracor collection set a new standard for activewear collaborations. As in: The leggings had a 1,000-person pre-launch waitlist and then sold out. Twice. So it’s hardly a surprise that Bandier and Ultracor are collaborating on their third “summer storm” collection.

Will there be enough for everyone this time? There’s kind of a good news/bad news situation happening.

So what can you look for in the dream team’s latest line, out today? Design-wise, the collection has upgraded from stars to lightning bolts and has 11 pieces (*prayer hands*), including the increasingly buzzy unitard, sports bras, crop tops, bomber jackets, and of course, leggings. Prices are standard for luxe activewear, ranging from $98 to $250, and the retailer says that each piece is designed with laser-cut precision to create technologically advanced fit and design.

But more pressingly, will there be enough for everyone? There’s kind of a good news/bad news situation happening. “We definitely planned our buy in accordance with previous success,” a Bandier spokesperson says. But: “Part of what makes the product special is that it’s limited, so our buy sits somewhere in the middle of accommodating demand.” Basically, yes they’re stocked up with extra this time. But PSA: If you’re psyched to sport a pair of lightning-bolt leggings in your next class, maybe don’t wait for the 1,000-person waitlist to form.

Scroll down to check out the coolest pieces from the new collection.

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