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Wasabi-flavored toothpaste now exists Pin It
Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good

Good news, sushi fiends: It’s now acceptable—and healthy—to rub wasabi all over your teeth. Well, sort of. Aesop’s first-ever toothpaste was just released today, and it’s supposed to taste just like the green stuff that’s practically the jelly to your spicy tuna roll’s peanut butter—but minus the omega-3s, of course.

You might be wondering why—out of all possible ingredients—wasabi was chosen to be used in a toothpaste, and there’s a simple reason: It reputedly helps get rid of bad breath (and at $17 a tube, it better!).

You’d think that a mouthful of wasabi would be downright painful, but here it reportedly tastes more like black licorice than pickled ginger’s BFF.

And while you’d think that a mouthful of wasabi could be downright painful, here it reportedly tastes more like black licorice than pickled ginger’s BFF. In fact, the fluoride-free formula—which combines wasabi with cardamom and sea buckthorn as well as more traditional flavors like anise, spearmint, and clove essential oil—is actually designed to soothe your gums so they don’t get aggravated from brushing.

All of this sounds amazing, if true. However, brushing that first time is going to be scary (especially if you have PTSD from spreading too much of the green stuff on your salmon sashimi). But hey, if toothpastes are going this route, here’s hoping the next batch tastes like Sriracha.

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