The 11 travel essentials you need for your surf-school getaway

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When it comes to trying something new—the buildup can oftentimes be more gut-wrenching and nerve-inducing than the event itself. Take that risky but cute haircut you (fine, I) got over the summer, a first date, or picking up a new hobby (one you can’t see out in total hygge-appropriate seclusion, that is). Even though surfing requires you to hang ten with a beachy audience, the unbelievable selection of Airbnbs in perfect locales for practice should convince you to catch some waves.

Now that you’re one step closer to (mentally) living out your Blue Crush fantasy, you’ll need some actual equipment to become an IRL surfer babe. Well, look no further: I’ve found the most aesthetically pleasing and functional items for your handy surfing-vacation starter kit.

Keep scrolling to the 11 surfing essentials.

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Heading to the beach? Don’t forget to pack seaweed, and consider taking Halle Berry’s workout for a spin

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