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Photo: Instagram/@justbobbibrown

Everyone knows Bobbi Brown for the #girlboss mogul that she is (her eponymous makeup line is a cult-classic at this point, after all). Despite her high-power reputation, however, she’s not the type to click-clack around in a suit and high heels.

“I have a closet full of the most beautiful high-heeled shoes, but I never wear them,” Brown reveals in a recent interview with The Cut. Turns out the makeup guru-turned health coach-author-lifestyle entrepreneur is a sneakerhead just like me (and you).

“I just realized I am happier when I’m most comfortable.”

“I wear sneakers,” she says. “I just realized I am happier when I’m most comfortable.” Amen, girl.

And to top it all off, Brown puts as much fashion curation—and, er, dedication—to her sneaker collection as she used to with her less comfy shoewear choices. “It’s funny, I now buy sneakers that cost as much as my Manolos cost,” she says. A woman after my own heart—opting to splurge on designer sneakers over anything that’ll just give her blisters. Now, that’s some career advice I’ll take.

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