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Indonesian botanicals are the basis of Juara’s natural beauty range, which debuts at ABC Home this week.

The Apothecary at ABC Home is the Toronto Film Festival of indie green-beauty brands, giving fledgling companies a forum—and a break—at a bigger audience. That’s thanks to tastemaker Paulette Cole, the lifestyle store’s CEO and creative director, who handpicks burgeoning beauty brands destined for mainstream marquee status.

Of the new product lines showcased, such as Arcona and Hamadi from Los Angeles, one Well+GoodNYC is especially excited to see here is Juara, an Indonesian-inspired line created by four New York City women, each of Asian ancestry.

Juara (which means “champion”) launched four years ago, and has had a cult following online and at Apthorp and Silk Day Spa. But it’s about to hit the limelight thanks to new interest in beauty products that “tell a story, and inspire and benefit women in ways other than radiant skin. Although though Juara delivers on that front, too,” jokes co-founder Yoshiko Roth.

The paraben-free products like Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer, Candlenut Body Butter, and Invigorating Coffee Scrub contain botanical ingredients used in traditional Indonesian health drinks (called Jamu) and beauty practices.

Juara skin care founders
The beauties behind Juara: Jill Sung, Metta Murdaya, Yoshiko Roth, and Tami Chuang

While New Yorkers have embraced Asian-inspired bodywork, they haven’t been exposed to skin care with an Eastern wellness bent. Though that looks about to change, according to ABC Home’s Cole, who predicts a well-being takeover.

“Juara’s integration of Indonesian ancient wisdom with a modern, scientific perspective represents a thoughtful approach to creating a healthy home within the body,” says Cole. “And by that virtue extends to support our collective home, the planet.”

Visit or ABC Home, 888 Broadway at 19th St,

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