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Dairyface is probably the only skin-care line that’s ever been mistaken for a tiramisu ingredient. That’s because you’ll find it stocked in a fridge at Eataly.

Dairyface beauty products

Dairyface is probably the only skin-care line that’s ever been mistaken for a tiramisu ingredient. That’s because you’ll find it stocked in a fridge, within arm’s reach of formaggi and gelato at Mario Batali’s mega-emporium, Eataly.

The purveyor of all-things-Italian is expanding its culinary offerings to include cosmetic ones. And that includes Dairyface, a brand that may be teased for its name, but loved for its simplicity and fondness for natural ingredients. A lot like Batali’s Meatless Mondays.

Dairyface yogurt skin care
There are no additives or preservatives in Dairyface, so you need to keep it in the fridge. And just like your yogurt, don’t expect a shelf-life of more than a few weeks.

Oksana Panasenko, originally from Turkmenistan, based her four treatment products (she calls them “refreshers”) and an eye cream on the traditionally simple yogurt mask. But by consulting with a “world-class dairy microbiologist,” as well as herbalists and cosmetic chemists, her live skin-care line blends in results—while passing on preservatives. “Fresh food is the future, and that’s also true for skin care and the beauty industry,” says Panasenko, who launched the brand in 2011.

Standouts are Green Tea Magic (olive, almond, apricot and avocado oils, and green tea) and Lavender Lovely (with black currant oil and Mediterranean herbs). All the creamy white concoctions are formulated with food-grade dairy cultures (“from grass fed cows to maximize omega 3s”), organic milk fats, lactic acid, and probiotics. “Uber-fermentation adds to the effectiveness,” says Panasenko. And since you apply the products chilled, they make quick work of redness and puffiness, while depositing healthy skin-care fats. “Way more than you’d want to eat,” jokes Panasenko.

Because there are no additives or preservatives in Dairyface, Panasenko found herself in the refrigeration business, as well as the beauty one.  But the affable founder is game for the issues that come with supplying her retail partners with SubZeros. “Our challenges are no more than those of other New Yorkers looking for parking in Manhattan,” she says.

With regard to the fridge chez vous: Because the products smell, feel, and look just like Greek yogurt, be on the lookout for those who share your fridge and might inadvertently serve your face cream with their cereal and coffee.  May we recommend a designated beauty area on the fridge door? —By Sharon Feiereisen and Melisse Gelula

Dairyface products cost $19.95 each,