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Celebrate the Year of the Dog with this Chinese-zodiac-inspired hoodie

The Upside's Year of the Dog hoodie from Bandier Pin It
Photo: Bandier / Graphics: W+G Creative

While the Gregorian calendar isn’t going anywhere, people seem more obsessed than ever with lunar cycles, and have, thus, been paying increased attention to cultures and traditions that follow or place emphasis on the lunar calendar. The Chinese New Year, for example, doesn’t necessarily occur on January 1 but rather has a fluctuating date based on the lunar cycle (it usually happens sometime in January or February), and it spotlights a different animal of the Chinese zodiac each year. The most recent Lunar New Year happened on February 16, and the animal it ushered in to celebrate was none other than woman’s best friend. And fashion is quickly reacting to the canine star of the year (similar to what transpires after Pantone’s Color of the Year is announced).

Not that you really need an excuse to celebrate puppies, but you may as well lean into it being the Year of the Dog. The first iteration of Chinese-zodiac-inspired fashion your workout wardrobe needs? This hoodie from the Upside, emblazoned with a bulldog.

Not only will the Year of the Dog hoodie keep you warm throughout the remaining weeks of winter, but it’s also a cute and functional third piece for your athleisure drawer and outdoor runs. While the item, which retails for $145 at Bandier, is certainly more affordable than having a pooch of your own, you can also celebrate the Chinese New Year with a $78 Year of the Dog tee.

Because even if you can’t be with your IRL pup all day, you can stay cozy while keeping a sartorial version physically close to your heart.

If you have a pup, here’s how to keep it healthy during the flu season and why you should be brushing its teeth every day.