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Zappos The_Ones is for female sneaker lovers Pin It
Photo: Zappos

Sneaker culture has always been a thing, but when Posh Spice renounced high heels in lieu of the more comfortable—and sensible—footwear, it became clear that sneaks are the it-shoe of the moment. Yet, despite global obsession with the athletic kicks, online shoe company Zappos felt a “massive discrepancy” between male and female markets, which led the Amazon-owned e-retailer to launch its new editorial-ish section, The_Ones.

According to Glossy, Zappos is focused on contributing to sneaker culture by profiling female artists and style influencers on their work and, of course, chic shoe preferences. The_Ones will feature a curated selection of classic sneakers, from Puma to Adidas and beyond, as well as the blog posts.

“We’re focused on firing up the more casual, feminine, and gender-fluid side of the sneakerhead world.” —Kristin Richmer, Zappos senior brand marketing manager

“We felt like the market needed a one-stop shop for classic sneakers, those you love to death, replace, repeat,” Kristin Richmer, Zappos senior brand marketing manager told Glossy. “We’re also focused on firing up the more casual, feminine, and gender-fluid side of the sneakerhead world.”

The_Ones will also bring a brick-and-mortar experience to New York City via pop-ups at Beyond and Bird Brooklyn, Glossy reports. But since you can buy a pair of Stan Smiths pretty much anywhere these days, these outposts will be experience- and customization-driven, with artists on hand to turn your kicks into a pair of one-off works of art.

And if you’re not in New York but want in on the sneaker art, you could always put your food-art skills and penchant for embroidery to use to DIY your own one-of-a-kind pair.

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