Get grounded with these 10 slow-the-heck-down yoga poses

warrior-2-yoga-mandy-ingberSlowing down is really freaking important (we’re talking to you, workaholic)—especially if the idea of holding a yoga pose for a minute makes you crazy and impatient.

Mandy Ingber, a Los Angeles-based celeb yoga instructor and author, knows how key a bit of inner life fitness is. Her clients include Jennifer Aniston and Brooke Shields, who might be almost as busy as you.

To down shift you out of holiday monkey mind, Ingber’s created the perfect grounding yoga sequence of ten long-holding yoga poses—totaling about 30 minutes.

“Remaining in a pose for a long time forces me to breathe and takes all of my presence—my body requires me to be present in the moment. ‘Out of my head and into my legs,’ is what I like to say. This goes double for holiday time,” says Ingber, who shares this sequence from her app Yogalosophy, which debuted this fall.

Since the main focus of this routine is slowing down, Ingber also chose simple postures, “because the point is not to get acrobatic, but to sink into the physical experience in the body.” So put away your tricks and see what happens when you’re in the slow lane. —Molly Gallagher

The Grounding Yoga Routine

Hold each pose for about 90 seconds. (Note: This might be slow but it’s not for beginners, so it’s good to have a baseline practice before you begin.)

1. Chair pose

2. Warrior 2

3. Triangle Pose

4. Half Moon Pose

5. Standing Splits

6. Standing Forward Bend

7. Squat

8. Cobbler’s Pose

9. Pigeon

10. Seated Forward Fold

For more information, visit, check out Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover or download the app


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