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15-minute partner workoutDream Hotel Treatment 9.23.15The Well+Good Fitness Biathlon is an annual mega event, where we pair up fitness studios for back-to-back workout experiences that seriously rock. To get you warmed up for this year’s events—in New York City on October 17 and in Chicago and Boston on November 7—we tapped eight superstar trainers to team up and create mash-up workouts that mix their sweaty disciplines. Think dance cardio meets HIIT, and boxing meets sports conditioning. Do them to get psyched for the big events, or to be a part of the action no matter where you live.

Grab your significant other or BFF—this workout requires a sweaty partnership.

When star Fhitting Room trainer Ben Wegman and top SLT instructor Bethany Meyers got together to create a routine that incorporated aspects of their respective workouts, they needed a way to create resistance without the help of either kettlebells or a Megaformer.

So, they used each other. And why not? Studies have shown that working out with a partner can increase your performance (since you don’t want to let them down!), and it’s a lot of fun, too. Try their strength- and trust-building workout, below.

The workout: The Fhitting Room meets SLT

Time: 15 minutes
Equipment: A chair, sliders or small towels
How to: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 second break in between. Repeat the whole set for 3 rounds total.

Partner 1 sits down with bent knees, placing the heels of their feet on the ground. While standing, partner 2 clasps hands, palm to palm with partner 1. As partner 1 slowly rolls down into the ground, partner 2 remains in a long, plank position. After partner 1 has rolled down to the middle of their back—or as low as they can safely go keeping their feet grounded—they reverse the action until sitting back up in original position. Partner 2 does one push-up at the top of the exercise. *Stability and control is key is this exercise. Your range of motion may be small at first but no matter how low you go you’re still working! Both partners have to ignite their core and arms to make this work.

bethany_ben_4Inchworm Burpee to Bear
Both partners begin facing each other standing on a small hand towel. Start by reaching both arms up overhead and then down to the toes. Walk your hands out to plank position. To create the next movement, scoop from the low belly and draw your knees under the hips. Continue moving from the center of the body as you return feet to plank position. Walk the hands back toward feet and reverse swan dive back to standing position. *Be mindful when you are drawing the knees in toward the chest. Work to keep the front of the legs relaxed and drive the weight through the low belly to keep the motion out of the hip flexors. Think of cinching the hip bones and the bottom rib bones closer together to get ultimate contraction in the abdominals.

bethany_ben_2Squat Plank
Partners begin by pressing palms together, with one partner standing straight up and one leaning into the other in a long plank position. The partner standing up squats down, supporting the weight of the other. Partner in plank position must remain in stable hollow body plank the entire time helping to support their weight. The partner in squat position reverses action, coming back to standing. *For an added challenge, the planking partner can bend through the elbows, shaving them along the side of the rib cage as the opposing partner takes the squat.

bethany_ben_3Side Plank Mermaid
Partner 1 sits on the side of their hip bone on a chair or stool. Partner 2 moves into a forearm side plank holding onto the seated person’s extended ankle. Partner one begins to lengthen and lower down toward the floor by lifting from the rib cage and growing long through the torso. You can make it harder by extended one or even two arms overhead. The side-plank partner on the ground continues to hold onto the seated partner’s ankle stabilizing them as they lean to the side and back. *The lower that partner 1 goes, the more partner two has to grip and stabilize their partner’s ankle to the ground. This will add more challenge to the side plank and activate the working oblique. This exercise not only tightens and whittles the waistline but also creates length through the side of the torso.

bethany_ben_5Shuffle Twist
Partner 1 sits down, balancing on the tailbone and scooping deep through the low belly. The higher the toes are lifted off the floor the more challenging the exercise will become. Gluing the inner thighs together, begin to twist side to side with straight arms. Partner 2, in squat position, shuffles out to the left and back. When partner 2 returns, they switch positions. *Pick a start and stop point in your workout space. Add more challenge by gaining more distance between the two points. This exercise will amp up your heart rate and fatigue the abdominals.

For more information, visit and, and check out the details for the 2015 Fitness Biathlon, here

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