3 butt-kicking boot camps in NYC you need to try

The definition of a boot camp has grown flabby. We favor old-school boot camps: a prescribed program with before and after measurements. Here we salute the three best.

NYC best bootcamps, www.wellandgoodnyc.com The boot camp concept has exploded; now fitness instructors across the country label any grueling workout a boot camp and then market it on Groupon or Living Social.

But we’re traditionalists at Well+Good. We favor the old-school boot camp concept of a regimented program that lasts for a prescribed period of time during which you, the recruit, are expected to make remarkable strides. Think Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman” or Demi Moore in “GI Jane.”
These transformational boot camps come with before and after measurements and other gauges of how you shaped up, or shipped out (to City Bakery?), during the camp. Here are our three favorite boot camps and commanders. Enlist now and by spring you’ll be flaunting your new guns and buying bikinis for your ripped abs.

Your drill sergeant: Ariane Hundt

Trainer-nutritionist Ariane Hundt

Teutonic training goddess Ariane Hundt is both a kick-ass trainer and a brilliant nutritionist. You’ll get servings of both in her 4-week Slim & Strong program, which is geared toward losing fat and building lean muscle. Before launching into 3-day-a-week workouts and her “Fat Burning 101” nutrition workshop, Hundt takes before measurements and pictures. Each workout burns “at least 800 calories” with intervals of squat lunges, push-ups, sprints, and resistance band torture. Four weeks later you’ll get measured and photographed again. Hundt gets serious results; just check out Maggie and Iffy’s transformations. We salute you!
Fee: $350 for a 4-week program that meets three days a week; www.brooklynbridgebootcamp.com

Your drill sergeant: Gerald Moore

Before becoming a personal trainer at the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, Gerald Moore was a US Army Master Trainer. This 8-week program has options for attending camp 1, 3, or 4 times a week. Moore does before and after measurements and tests, like a one-mile timed run and counting how many push-ups you can do before maxing out. Every hour-long workout is different, and the entire Chelsea Piers complex is your battlefield. You may be asked to sprint up and down fire escapes, hop around in a sand pit, or race across monkey bars. It’s ideal for stir-crazy New Yorkers with workout ADD: You’ll get tons of variety with the ultimate whistle-yielding drill sergeant.
Fee: $720 (non-member price) for an 8-week program that meets three days a week (1 and 4 day a week options also available); www.chelseapiers.com/sc/boot-camp.htm

Your drill sergeant: Laura Miranda

Strong Healthy Woman founder Laura Miranda

Laura Miranda is a personal trainer, running coach and exercise physiologist and her women-only boot camp marries all these talents. The 4-week program has options to meet 3, 4, or 5 days a week with the goal of getting you to lose weight and inches. Before and after measurements include a weigh-in and circumference measurements of  arms, abs, hips, thighs. Most people lose “4-8 pounds and 2-4 inches in 4 weeks,” says Miranda. The hour-long workouts incorporate resistance bands and hand weights and consist of sprints, resistance training, and more lunges than you ever thought possible.
Fee:  $319 for a 4-week program that meets 3 days a week; www.stronghealthywoman.com

Alexia Brue

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